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    Bed Bugs are a continuing epidemic here in Nanaimo and have been for some time. We can help eliminate Bed Bugs once and for all.

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Don’t waste money on spraying!

We are B.C’s oldest, most experienced bed bug heat treatment company and the only one in Nanaimo recognized by the Better Business Bureau. We have specialized in this technology since 2010. Last year over 80% of our customers tried chemicals first & failed!

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Think you might have bed bugs?

If you think you might have bed bugs in your Nanaimo or Vancouver Island home, Making the right choice when dealing with bed bugs can be challenging and sometimes even life changing.  You can call a normal pest control company or you can call bed bug specialists like B.C Bed bug expert, a heat treatment Bed Bug Specialist.

We are a fully licensed and insured and the only company accredited with an A+ in the BBB. We have been heat treating for bed bugs since  2010 and all of our friendly staff members have been trained and are certified heat technicians

Many companies claim to be the oldest and most experience in heat treating for bed bugs but BC BED BUG EXPERT was the first company in bc and vancouver island to have the heat technology  and have been effectively eradicating bed bugs since 2010

We have been servicing vancouver and Vancouver island since 2010 we are the most experience in eradicating bed bugs using thermal heat in Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum, Tofino, Ucluelet, Port Alberni, Duncan, Victoria and surrounding areas.

Dealing with bed bugs is stressful enough, but then you have to try to deal with a pest control company’s switchboard. Here at BC Bed Bug you will always speak with a trained professional and answer all your questions and concerns the first time you call.

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Canada’s first public heat treatment center is located in Nanaimo we will be expanding to Vancouver and Victoria in the near future we will be addressing airport luggage house hold items and vehicles

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Nanaimo Bed Bugs Thermal Heat

Thermal Heat: Most Effective Treatment for Bed Bugs in Nanaimo

Nanaimo Bed Bug Removal Services –  BC Bed Bug Experts understands that bed bugs can be one the most challenging and demanding pests someone can encounter. Resistance against pesticides, cryptic behavior, and incredible reproductive potential can make infestations unmanageable quickly. Thermal Heat treatment is the most effective treatment against bed bugs… Period! And our Nanaimo Bed Bug Pest Control Services are the most experienced at getting rid of bed bugs in Nanaimo, Duncan, Ladysmith, Parksville, Qualicum, Port Alberni and the rest of Vancouver Island. 

What is Thermal Heat Treatment and Why is it So Effective Against Bed Bugs? 

Simply, thermal heat treatments use specialized equipment to raise the temperature of a specific area, whether it is a house, office, apartment building, etc, above the threshold which bed bugs can survive. This temperature spectrum is referred to as the thermal death point. Luckily, the thermal death point of bed bugs is low, between 48-52C. Research has shown that bed bug eggs can survive approximately 90 mins in temperatures of 48C, while bed bugs and their eggs die within minutes of exposure at temperatures of 51C. Heat treatment temperatures typically reach 60C within the treatment space and can eliminate most infestations the first time.

Why Choose BC Bed Bug Experts for your Nanaimo Bed Bug Services?

  • We are the oldest and most experienced Heat treatment company on Vancouver Island based, We are also a licensed pest management firm with trained techs that can help with any infestation.
  • We are experienced in treating full building, working with private investors and the BC Government. Full buildings often come with a year guarantee! We are so confident with our services that we give the longest guarantee in the industry.
  • We have extensive experience with bed bugs in Nanaimo, we understand not only their behavior but also their biology, 
    We also understand their behavioral response to thermal treatments.
  • Heating buildings, homes, and offices is difficult, thoroughly understanding the process and its limitations is critical in reducing treatment failures.
  • Out treatments are guaranteed* to eliminate your bed bugs, speak with one of our service techs to see how you can get a guarantee on our services.

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